The first commercial vertical indoor farm in Austria

With our innovative team with decades of experience in food production and technology we produce 365 days a year offering fresh, crisp and tasty herbs, microgreens and babyleafs.

We disrupt traditional supply chains by Production on the main distribution routes and in the vicinity of population centers. We defy the traditional growing seasons by taking our grows indoor and controlling the environment instead of it controlling us. We set a new standard for traceability, have a water consumption which is 90 % lower than that of field crops while our vertical cultivation allows us at least 100 harvests per year on 1 square meter of land.

This makes us unique

The sum of many features such as our 100% pesticide-free and local production, environmental friendliness and Sustainability, as well as the year-round availability, the highest freshness and the nutrient-richness of our produce. The result is in an extraordinary product that convinces in full measure.


Highest Quality

For us, this also means product safety and traceability. We produce fresh, crispy and tasty vegetables 365 days a year.


Controlled Farming

We pay attention to optimal temperature and humidity around our plants. This allows us a fast, reliable and high quality cultivation.


Top Technology

Vertical indoor farm: This new and innovative way of growing vegetables combines tradition with the latest technology.