Partner in Food

It just tastes better together! Discover the innovative product creations of our favorite sparing partners in connection with our greens.

They are now available all over Europe: the fresh, handmade sushi and Asian snacks from EAT HAPPY. Our microgreens have been part of the culinary offer since 2021. As an innovative topping, they not only ensure a perfect taste, but also add important nutrients to the products. If you want to try their sushi, maki & more, you will find them in the refrigerated section or in the shop-in-shop system in almost all large local supermarkets.

A little insider tip: The “California Microgreen Radishes” are among the most popular maki variations at EAT HAPPY.

That’s it? Not for long!

Are you a passionate foodie and want to work with us? Do you have a product in mind and want to launch it with us? Feel free to share your ideas with us!