Tada! The baby pea is here.

The first super salad – naturally rich in protein and vitamin C.

I’m fresh and healthy! After all, I am always harvested at the right time. So young and crunchy, I’m considered a superfood among my salad friends. No wonder, as I concentrate on absorbing a particularly large number of nutrients when growing. Enjoy me, simply in a salad or as a warm side dish.

That’s powerful stuff!

All purely natural and without additives

Average nutritional valuesper 100 g
Energy154 kJ/ 37 kcal
Fat0,6 g
of which saturated fatty acids0,1 g
Carbohydrates1,3 g
of which sugar0,9 g
Protein5,6 g
Salt0,02 g
Vitamin C20 mg (25%*)
*Reference amount for the daily intake

You can find me here!

Cooking made easy!

Be inspired by our chef Philipp and surprise your friends and family with quick, unusual creations. Have a go at our recipe ideas!
As warm side dish

Zander on baby peas with hollandaise

As a salad

BBQ pumpkin with baby peas and wasabi

Farming. Refreshed!

It’s time to rethink farming. We all rightly expect more from our food: climate-neutral, resource-saving, free from chemical pesticides, protection for bees, soil and forests, healthier, fresher, transparent and more varied. In the face of rapidly growing world population, we simply cannot continue as before.

Our innovative Vertical Farming Technology allows a completely new approach with which we can make our diet 10X healthier, more productive, more sustainable and more exciting every day. Eat with us and contribute something, too!

Shhh! They already love us!

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