Fork Pea Cress

[Flavor • Intense Pea Taste]

[Usage • As salad base, for smoothies,as garish]

Radish Cress

[Flavor • Mild Radish Taste]

[Usage • As an ingredient for salads, goes well with sushi,burgers and sandwiches,as garnish]

Sunflower Cress

[Flavor • Nutty taste similar to Sunflower Seeds]

[Usage • As saladbase,as garnish]


Shiso Cress

[Flavor • Basil, Fennel and Mint Taste]

[Usage • Goes well with asian dishes,as garnish]

Nasturtium Cress

[Flavor • Peppery flavor, similar to the taste of Waterness]

[Usage • As seasoning, goes well with asian dishes,as garnish]

Basil Thai Cress

[Flavor • Anise overtones paired with sweet Basil scent]

[Usage • Goes well with asian dishes, as garnish]

Amaranth Cress

[Flavor • Fairly mild taste]

[Usage • As garnish]

Beets Bulls Blood

[Flavor • Earthy and Slightly Bitter]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Bubblegum Cress

[Flavor • Subtle Sweet Taste]

[Usage • For desserts,as garnish]

Mushroom Cress

[Flavor • Mild Mushroomy Taste]

[Usage • For salads, as garnish]

Wasabi Cress

[Flavor • Strong Wasabi Taste]

[Usage • Goes well with asian dishes,for seasoning,as garnish]

Carrot Early Nantes

[Flavor • Subtly Sweet Taste]

[Usage • For desserts,as garnish]

Salad Pea Cress

[Flavor • Mild Pea Taste]

[Usage • As salad base,as garnish]

Basil Dark Opal

[Flavor • Cinnamon Spiciness and Basil Note]

[Usage • For salads as well as desserts,as garnish]

Basil Sweet Genovese

[Flavor • Classic, Sweet Basil Taste]

[Usage • For italian dishes,as garnish]

Coriander Cress

[Flavor • Vibrant parsley flavor with hints of Citrus]

[Usage • Goes well with asian dishes,as garnish]

Kale Red Russian

[Flavor • Mild taste]

[Usage • For salads, as garnish-has beautiful red stems]

Salad Rocket

[Flavor • Peppery with a slightly earthy and nutty flavor]

[Usage • For salads,as seasoning,as garnish]

Estragon Cress

[Flavor • Spicy Mustard]

[Usage • For seasoning,as garnish]

Kale Cavolo Nero

[Flavor • Slightly spicy and nutty]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Swiss Chard Red

[Flavor • Sweet and Earthy]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Mustard Cress

[Flavor • Spicy Mustard taste]

[Usage • For seasoning,as garnish]

Chrysantheum Greens

[Flavor • Pleasantly light bitterness]

[usage • As garnish]


[Flavor • Mild taste with a mild crunch]

[Usage • For salads,soups,goes well with cheese]

Beetroot Golden

[Flavor • Mild Beet Taste]

[Usage • For Salads,as garnish]

Yellow Chard Cress

[Flavor • Sweet and Earthy]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Dill Domino

[Flavor • Dill]

[Usage • As seasoning, as garnish]

Celery Cress

[Flavor • Sharp like a fresher version of mature celery]

[Usage • For salads,goes well with soups,as garnish]

Professor Kale

[Flavor • Mild Sweet]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Starflower Cress

[Flavor • Cucumber and Celery]

[Usage • For salads,as garnish]

Popcorn Cress

[Flavor • Intense sweetness]

[Usage • For desserts,as garnish]